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The LCR comes with an optional electric mowing deck, mounted on the 3PT hitch. This guide describes best practices and maintenance.


Before beginning any mower related procedure/maintenance follow the Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist

  • LCR in position, deck at desired height (no deck removal for procedures on this page)
  • E-Stop the LCR (to disallow manual activation of drive or mower)
  • Switch motor disconnect switch to off (to ensure LCR cannot drive)
  • Unplug mower motor from external tray Anderson connector "Aux1" (to ensure mower cannot spin)
  • Unplug 2x actuator molex (to ensure hitch cannot raise or lower)


The 48" Mower deck comes with a ribbed belt that is attached to 8 pulleys, providing power to the three blades underneath. A tension pulley, with a spring and eye bolt, provides enough lateral force on the belt to prevent slipping. Pay attention for wear on flat side such as scratches, fraying on the edges, as well as cracking between teeth or missing teeth on the pulley. Keep pulleys and belt, especially the drive pulley attached to the motor, clear of debris; clean off grass, sticks, dirt, and moisture using a brush, blower, or by hand.

Belt change

Belt Specs

  • BX94 V Belt, Rubber, 5/8" x 97" OC


  • Take a photo or create a diagram to record the route of the belt. Note the direction of the teeth on the belt, and which pulleys the belts rests upon.
  • Remove locknut on eyebolt attached to the motor bracket.
  • Remove belt carefully, one pulley at a time.


  • Slide belt under motor pulley, with teeth facing the pulley.
  • Pull tight, slide belt onto right-under-motor pulley, repeat on other side. The flat side of the belt is resting on these pulleys.
  • Route the belt onto the rest of the pulleys, in a counter-clockwise motion. On the double pulleys, the belt will rest on the lower pulley. The route of the belt should look like the cardinal directions of a compass or a four-leaf clover.
  • On the tensioning pulley, there should be a spring attached to an eye bolt with a locknut. Attach the eye bolt through the hole on the bracket that is attached to the motor, and secure using another locknut. Please review the following videos:

Blade Sharpening and Spindle Clearing

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Follow Safety Checklist Found Above!

Don’t Remove Blade

  • Blade should remain on mower through this process

Use Protective Gear Found In Field Kit

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection​
  • Gloves

Clean Blade

  • Clean Blade and area near it of grass dirt and other debris

Install Disk Guard On Angle Grinder

Disk Guard Image

Install ¼" Thick Disk

  • Grinding side of disk should face toward the handle
Disk Image

Move to Power Source

  • Park LCR next to power source where you can plug angle grinder into outlet, follow safety list at top of page (e-stop, unplugging, etc)

Expose Mower Blades

  • WIRING CHECK! Do not jam or stress posts on motor or add tension to mower cable for entirety of procedure.
  • Disconnect the mower deck's Aux1 Anderson connector from tray.
  • Lower the deck to disconnect the nose turnbuckle's carabiner from the mower deck.
  • Lift one side of the deck enough to place a piece of stackable material (i.e. wood block ) under the left/right edge of the deck and the ground.
  • Repeat the above step to the opposing side of the deck. Continue, switching sides each time, until the deck is 1-2 feet off the ground.
  • Raise the lift actuators enough to give slack to the chain connection that attach the 3PT hitch to the lift arms.
  • With safety gloves, squat in front of the supported deck to lift the front of the deck until it is tilted nearly 90° up and standing on its back anti-scalping wheels.
  • Support the standing mower deck by propping it up with 2x 26" strut channel.
  • Place wood blocks between the ground and blades to prevent their rotation while sharpening.

Sharpen Blades

  • Disk side up, use angle grinder to sharpen top of blade
  • Note: Ideally we are trying to achieve a 30-35 degree angle from the plane of the spindle/mower deck.
  • You want to use a consistent angle and never round the sharpened cutting part of the blade.
  • Ideally, control your grinder so that sparks are flying in the direction the sharp edge is pointing (note that this changes as you use different quadrants of the angle grinder, so try to be consistent)
Top Sharpening Image

Clean Spindles

  • Pull off grass tangled around spindle base
Tangled Image Untangled Image




  • keep clear of mower while troubleshooting
  • If you need to get close or inspect parts of mower you MUST follow safety checklist at top of page to deactivate mower
  • Turn motor disconnect switch to OFF so you can test aux without robot moving
  • Once safe protocol and conditions are established, you may proceed

Drive Train

Check the following from the Drive Train Troubleshooting Page:

Mower Mechanics

  • check if motor is spinning but spindle is not
  • tension on all belts good
  • jammed spindles or dull blades see above

Mower auto disables when clicked in the manual ui

  • Ensure the LCR is enabled in the manual ui
  • SSH into the LCR and check for stale host-specific override files for actuators-navigators-default

Excessive Faults/Alerts from AUX


  1. Using Manual UI with deck raised so it is touching NO GRASS or foliage
  2. set AUX power to 50%
  3. enable AUX
  4. Very very slowly (we just want aux coming on, but not moving) move robot, so AUX is on.
  5. While doing that, with second phone or laptop (or remote coworker) connected to LCR, Navigate to [IP]/data-streams/actuators/motor-controllers/aux1
  6. check "amps": { "AUX1":
  7. With no load on the mower, the mowing deck should not be drawing a current above 80-90A

If the amps are higher than 90, we must search for a mechanical hinderance:

  1. You MUST follow safety checklist at top of page to deactivate mower
  2. check belt tension: too much tension? across core mower and extension
  3. Visually inspect under deck, all spindles (clog, jam?)
  4. disconnect belts from all spindles
  5. inspect every spindle and try, using your hands, rotating the blade.
  6. One or more than one of the spindles, may feel "stuck"
  7. take images, then report findings in repair Issue for the LCR in question
  8. In the issue mention the mowing deck as the part we are inspecting / repairing (different SAP # depending on width)
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