8. Ingesting Content - digitalutsc/islandora_lite_docs Wiki

Install latest Workbench

git clone https://github.com/mjordan/islandora_workbench 
cd islandora_workbench
sudo python3 setup.py install

Apply the patch (needed to add part_of relationships)

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/digitalutsc/islandora_workbench_lite/71f71733ef80ef65cbf717b263151b4ab2043916/parent_id.patch 
git apply parent_id.patch

Inside the islandora_workbench folder, clone islandora_workbench_lite

git clone https://github.com/digitalutsc/islandora_workbench_lite

Get repo_sample_objects inside the islandora_workbench_lite folder

cd islandora_workbench_lite
mkdir input_data
cd input_data
git clone https://github.com/digitalutsc/repo_sample_objects

Execute tasks

Create objects (demo)

islandora_workbench$ ./workbench --config islandora_workbench_lite/create_islandora_object.yml

Create media (demo)

islandora_workbench/islandora_workbench_lite$ ./workbench_islandora_lite --config create_islandora_media.yml

Future Work

  • Code cleanup
  • Allow a single operation to fail, without failing the full operation (try catch)
  • Create a CSV Report with results
  • Combine adding metadata and adding media into one operation!
  • If we want to specify part of as well as member of relationships in the same column or for the same object, we can either add a new special column or qualify the values in the same columns.