Source code version of xmlParametersGui - dicomtools/xmlParametersGui Wiki

Getting the latest source code

The source code of xmlParametersGui is distributed on gitHub. Hence, the first step is to download the "main" branch of xmlParametersGui. This can be done using the git bash. After going to the directory where you want to download the files, use the following command to download the "main" branch of TriDFusion:

git clone

After downloading the "main" branch to (say) /home/.../.../xmlParametersGui_from_gitHub/, follow the steps listed below to use xmlParametersGui.

Fire up Matlab. Go to Home --> Set Path. Set the path to "Default". Add /home/.../.../xmlParametersGui_from_gitHub/ with sub-directories to the Matlab path.

To use xmlParametersGui Graphical User Interface, type xmlParametersGui('-pparams.xml') in Matlab command window.