Gradle Management: Setting up build logic module - devrath/RunTracer GitHub Wiki

Why build logic module is needed

  • We need to have a common place to store the shared config in our app like compile-sdk, build-types, compile-options, etc...
  • This is useful so that we do not need to do this for every single module in the application.

How to achieve this

  • We can do this in a way called included build.
  • This included module is meant to contain the gradle specific configuration.
  • This module is also meant to be consumed by other gradle-specific files.
  • Here we will just put the configuration that is needed at compile time.
  • included build is just adding another gradle project to our project. So we can imagine an entire project with app-modules, and individual-subModules all together become one module, and included build becomes a separate project

How to differentiate between normal kotlin module and gradle specific module

  • Say you have created a build-logic module in the application, Your settings.gradle.kts will look like this.
pluginManagement {
    includeBuild("build-logic") //---------------------------------> Add this line
    repositories {
        google {
            content {
dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
enableFeaturePreview("TYPESAFE_PROJECT_ACCESSORS") = "YourApp"

Difference between BuildSrc and BuildLogic

  • BuildSrc --> Here say there are multiple plugins present, when one of them is applied all re-build
  • BuildLogic --> Here say there are multiple plugins present, when one of them is applied only that plugin is re-built