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Adjustments and Balance

  • Removed starting efficiency debuff from equality ideas, as it could start production lines at 0 efficiency.
  • Marie-Pierre Koenig will not meet his doppelganger if the struggle of Free French (Empire) continues.
  • Charles De Gaulle should appropriately receive his long expected general post in a Free French army.
  • Aleksander Yegorov now carries a bigger target on his back.
  • R56 3-sided civil war now let's you keep all your ship/plane/tank designs and previews the civil war areas pre-war. It's associated achievement for winning as the communist side now forbids deleting your army or building up factories/forts in preparation for too long. The democratic side has been made even stronger to stop it from losing constantly.


  • Prevented R56 Denmark fixing its army on historical, which blocked the event where they capitulate "instantly" as historical.
  • Allowed PRC's infiltration decisions on more states, which were likely missing unintentionally, hid this focus for WtT non-owners who already could not do it.
  • Jaeger trait for Finnish generals is now applied correctly.
  • Kyosti Kallio will now properly push his personal agenda.
  • Adel Shehab, Wellington Bassey, Eyolf Mattsson and Aarne Juutilainen now have their proper traits applied.
  • San To trait is back to being superficial modernizer.
  • Sapper Teams combat tactics are now working correctly.
  • Fixed a missing icon about attack on Caribbean.
  • Hiring opportunities of Juan Oropeza are now correctly displayed in the focus tree.
  • Disabled an inactive Georgia tree being a copy of Armenia.
  • Alf Landon rise to oligarchy should occur correctly.
  • Fixed a broken news event picture when Vietnam is willing to join the fascist alliance.
  • Fixed some of the country flags not being properly reset during the generic civil war begin.
  • Fixed Finnish division names not working properly.
  • Northern Ireland can now properly rename one of its cities.
  • Fixed a number of (semi)democratic reactions to the end of various civil wars.
  • Fixed a trigger preventing Finland from initiating the Continuation War.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the promotion of new president during Cuban elections.
  • Masters of the Atom are back!
  • Operation Mindaugas decision of Lithuania made available to monarchists.
  • [non-BBA] Fear the technological advances of Laos - correct early fighters are now included on starting tech menu.
  • [non-AAT] Improved tooltips for Swedish Baltic wargoals.
  • [non-AAT] Fixed tooltips about Belgian and Walloon connection to brossel designer.
  • [WTT] Tooltip featuring Itagaki Seishiro should now be correctly displayed.
  • [BftB] Fatherland Front should approach factions more consistently.
  • [NSB] International brigades should work correctly in subtracting manpower from countries.
  • [NSB] Kalinin is now properly renamed to Tver after decommunisation is achieved.
  • [NSB] Fixed a missing event picture when fascist Russia begins to spread influence in Central America.
  • [AAT, non-MtG] Danish purchase of ships now work correctly for non-MtG owners. They are still bad, but at least you get something.
  • [AAT] Quisling can now correctly reach the worst psychic condition. Poor collaborator, I guess?
  • [AAT] Denmark can no longer appoint a democratic government if democratic parties were banned.
  • [AAT] Event pictures featuring Norwegian investments and exile of Royal family should now work correctly.


  • Made UK's top priority for political power to invade Iceland, and made Iceland hate the Axis significantly more so they don't join them.
  • Removed some of the outdated AI priorities which sometimes provoked strange behaviour.
  • KMT AI will now prioritize dealing with army corruption much faster.
  • Finland should correctly utilize Scorched Earth tactics against Soviets.
  • Ahistorical Germany will be even less likely to attack Nordics if Czechoslovakia and Austria are still around and not allied/incorporated.
  • Italy would prioritize Mediterranean more and ignore the army "situation" while dealing with Ethiopia.
  • Saudi Arabia will enter a sleepy dream and enjoy peace and prosperity with limited amount of soldiers.
  • Fixed an AI strategy where Soviets will not emphasise the Leningrad defence while having a wargoal against Finland.
  • [non-AAT] Denmark should now correctly follow the AI plans.
  • [MtG] Mexico will ignore a focus that grants them communist support that could make them collapse, the US will also never deny their entry into the Allies on historical.


  • Fixed some of the misspelled names and adjectives in Egyptian focus tree.
  • Fixed a few missing things in the Indonesia localization.
  • Fixed broken state names.
  • [NSB] Added a missing text about Polish reaction to the successful subjugation of Ruthenia.


  • Please check out our 'Credits.txt' links and order of battles for more information about the people, mods and resources that helped develop this project, as well as for opportunities to learn about the related history.