Working with pull requests - deegree/deegree3 Wiki

Use of pull requests within the deegree project

To make best use of GitHub's fork and pull development model, we use the following procedure:

Creating your own pull request

In order to create a pull request for a new feature or a bugfix it is advisable to follow these steps:

If the deegree master is changed during your implementation phase, it might be a good idea to merge these changes into your branch from time to time using git merge deegree/master. Make sure you've previously fetched the remote changes using git fetch --all.

Checklist for pull requests

Any pull request must meet the following base requirements, before it is considered for inclusion:

Pull requests marked for deletion

On the rare occasion the TMC decides on not merging a PR into the deegree code base a pull request may be closed without being merged. The TMC tries to support every committer to pass the checklist as described above. In case the PR remains open for approx. 12 months and no substantial improvement has taken place to overcome the requested approvements the TMC will mark a pull request with the label "marked for deletion". After an additional time frame of approx. 1 month the TMC will close the PR.

Please keep in mind: No work will get lost. The code changes are still available and a closed pull request can be reopened.

Lifecycle of on Pull request