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DCS Liberation 2.3 adds automatic procurement options for players. There are three aspects which can each be enabled individually:

Each of these can be enabled during campaign creation and toggled later in the setting menu.

Each of these behaviors are the same as opfor uses.

Automatic runway repair

If enabled, damaged runways will automatically begin repairs if they are affordable.

Runway repairs will take precedence over front line and air unit reinforcement.

Front line reinforcement

Up to half of the budget remaining after repairing runways will be spent on units to reinforce front lines.

Reinforcements will first be purchased at control points with active front lines that have fewer than 30 units. Once all active front lines have at least 30 units, additional units will be assigned to all control points at random.

Changes in DCS Liberation 3.0: The proportion of the budget allocated to ground units scales based on the investment balance of existing air and ground units. E.g. if ground units are over-invested, more of the funds for the turn will be allocated for air units.

Aircraft reinforcement

Any remaining budget will be used to purchase aircraft.

Aircraft will be purchased to fulfill any missions that could not be planned due to lack of aircraft. This occurs in the order specified by the mission planner.

When attempting to fulfill an order for a mission, the purchase will be attempted at the airfield in range if the target, with parking available, closest to the mission target.

Aircraft are selected to fit the unfulfilled missions. Liberation maintains a preferred list of aircraft for each mission type as well as a list of all capable aircraft. A random selection will be made from the preferred list first, but if empty or too expensive the capable list will be used.

If no capable aircraft in range can be purchased, the remaining budget will roll over to the next turn.

New in 3.0 Transport aircraft will be purchased to support airlift missions at every control point with a factory to a minimum of four aircraft.

Changes in DCS Liberation 2.4

Airbases outside the enemy's threat zone will be preferred. This will result in more regular, safer, albeit longer flight plans.

The best aircraft for the job will be purchased, with a random change of making a suboptimal decision to maintain unit variety. The preferences for each task type are defined in

(Work in progress) A reserve of aircraft for airbase defense BARCAP and CAS missions will be maintained before aircraft are purchased for other missions. The reserves will remain at the airbase. This ensures that even if every planned flight is destroyed the critical missions can still be deployed on the next turn.