Exploring a Hypothetical Store's Shopper Data Dataset in Anticipation of the Black Friday Holiday Season Project Overview: Choose Your Own - danj0221/Data_Science_Capstone_BlackFriday GitHub Wiki

HarvardX PH125.9x : Data Science: Capstone

The purpose of this project is to apply advanced machine learning techniques to a publicly available dataset as part of the 'Data Science: Capstone' course (PH125.9x) offered by edX HarvardX. The project goes beyond focuses on exploring and analyzing the data using machine learning algorithms.The goal is to gain insights from the analysis and effectively communicate the process and findings.

This repository contains:

black_friday_kint.Rmd -> Project report in .rmd format
black_friday_kint.pdf -> Project report in .pdf format
black_firday.R -> R-Script that generates the data analysis
BlackFriday.csv -> Dataset
customers_products -> Dataset created for the analysis
Others -> R Studio project file

This project was created for the assignment of the EdX Capstone course from the following program: Professional Certificate in Data Science.