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Have you ever asked someone where they want to eat and all they can say is "I don't know"? This application will try to end this common issue. Dinner Date is an application that works like Tinder or Mutual but instead of being about people, it's about restaurants. Two people can link accounts and begin to swipe on local places to eat. When you both swipe on the same place, you both get a notification showing where you both want to eat. When swiping you can click on the restaurant to get more information about it such as how far away it is, what kind of food is served, and how expensive it is.

Summary of features


  • Connect with multiple people individually
  • Click on a friend's profile and see shared food interests
  • Make groups for specific groups of people you eat out with often
  • Create albums of similarly liked places for each group of friends


A picture of a restaurant slides onto your screen.

  • Swiping up is a like, swiping down is a dislike
  • Swiping left/right allows scrolling through other pictures of food or the restaurant
  • Tapping allows a look at details


  • Location and address
  • Type of food
  • General pricing
  • Rating
  • Type of dining (fast food, casual dining, semi-formal dining, very formal)
  • Whether they have a drive-through, take out, and / or in-store seating
  • A brief menu or a link to one


Dinner Date

Team Members:

  • Hunter Crandall
  • Arvi Haxhillari
  • Kimball George
  • Kaleb Ho Ching
  • Harrison Winslow

Org Chart:

Team Role Definitions:

Project Manager: Plan and execute software development projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. Take care of completing the Status Report each week.

Chief Architect: Define and lead the overall technical vision and architecture of the software projects.

Back-End Lead: Lead the back-end development team in designing and implementing server-side logic and databases. Ensure the performance, scalability, and security of back-end applications.

Front-End Lead: Lead the front-end development team in designing and implementing user interfaces. Collaborate with designers and back-end developers to ensure seamless integration of front-end components.

Bridge Developer: Bridge the gap between front-end and back-end. Help with integration between the two.


Weekly Status Report

Weekly Status Report - 2/3/2024

Weekly Status Report - 2/10/2024

Weekly Status Report - 2/17/2024

Weekly Status Report - 2/24/2024


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