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The Project

Our repository: https://github.com/dawnE64/BaseBumpRepo

Make a game in Unreal Engine with a focus on getting Networked Multiplayer.

Some easy go to games could be some kind of shooter or brawler. Or we could do a turn based grid based game so that anyone wanting to do logic for the game could work strictly within code and not have to worry about the Engine. Any kind of simple game would work, the important part would be adding in the network functionality so the game could be played multiplayer on several computers at once.

Initial Idea

A simple fighting game where you have 2 minutes to customize your fighter. You can balance attack, defense, speed or something like that. And maybe choose either a sword or gun. And then a special item like a jet pack, invisibility device, or grenades. This can scale up to any number of players to help focus on networking techniques.


Deliverable #1 - Team Members

  • Westen Masterson
  • John Stout
  • Carolynn Chang
  • Connor Pemberton
  • Nathan Larsen
  • Andrew Winsborrow
  • Jeffrey Arnold

Deliverable #2 - Organization Chart

  • Roles and Responsibilities
Role Person Responsibility
Project Manager John Stout Unifies team with the game vision. Creates project specifications and delivery deadlines. Tracks project status. Helps with programming when available.
Chief Architect Westen Masterson Responsible for consistency and extensibility of game and networking architecture. Works with Project Manager and Game Designer to define project requirements and feasibility. Helps with programming when available.
Matrix Surfer / Networking Programmer Nathan Larsen, Andrew Winsborrow Responsible for networking and server architecture and replicating game state between agents. Works with Architect to create extensible and performant gameplay.
Game Designer Carolynn Chang Defines game vision and design, gameplay feature and other ideation. Helps with gameplay programming.
UI Designer Connor Pemberton Designs assets and UI for the game. Works with Game Designer to create menus and lobbies for the game. Helps with gameplay programming when available.
Sound Designer Carolynn Chang Implements audio interfacing for the game and associated assets.
Level Designer Jeffrey Arnold Responsible for level/environment creation and environmental interactions.
Quality Assurance Carolynn Chang Ensures gameplay matches with specifications and vision of the game. Tests gameplay and reports bugs and works with Project Manager on a plan to get those resolved.

Deliverable #3 - Project Requirements

Project Requirements

Deliverable #4 - PERT and Gantt charts

PERT Chart

Gantt Chart

Architecture Doc


Test Plan


Status Reports

Status Report 01


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