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EchoLog offers audio journaling and emotion tracking to enhance the therapeutic experience! Therapists often have clients who struggle with emotional awareness. EchoLog offers an opportunity for those clients to practice emotional awareness by enabling them to talk through their day and evaluate how they felt. EchoLog also helps clients who struggle to remember topics to discuss during therapy sessions. With its search and analysis tools, clients can identify moments with key events and emotions to discus. Lastly, clients struggle to recognize patterns in their own behavior. With our Trends tool, clients can visualize those patterns to draw actionable conclusions with the help of their therapist.

Proposed by Ryan Ogden

Team Members

  • Ryan Ogden
  • Megan Dahl
  • Justin McKeen
  • Jacob Munyan
  • Cori Nally
  • Ethan Payne
  • Emily Teng

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