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When's the last time you called your grandma? Or talked to that roommate who got married a couple years ago? If you're like most people, then you have at least one person in your life who you promised you'd stay in contact with, but are just now realizing you haven't talked to in a year.

The basic premise of this app is that it helps avoid these months or years of accidentally falling out of contact. A user can enter a list of people they'd like to keep in contact with and how often they'd like to contact them, and the app keeps track of how long it's been since the user talked to each person. Once it starts getting close to the designated length of time, the app will push reminders to the user to maintain that relationship. After a user feels they've made meaningful contact, they can mark that in the app and start the cycle over.

The app has opportunities for more features, like tracking birthdays, anniversaries, etc., but I believe in starting small and building up from there.


We're going to build a mobile app (likely using Flutter) that has the following features:

Ideally, it will also include some of the following features as well, though these are lower priority:

Team Members

Ryan King

Ben Millett

Connor Mattson

Parker Nichols

Taeho Kim