Chair Notes Templates - cplusplus/LEWG Wiki

These templates use syntax that is compatible with both TWiki and GitHub Markdown, so you can paste them to both the meeting wiki and the Github for paper tracking:

   * Lists that start with 3 spaces and use `*` to start items are recognized by both TWiki and GitHub.
__Double underscores denote bold italics text in TWiki and bold text in GitHub Markdown.__

Chair Notes Template

Usage with GitHub issues and the TWiki minutes template:

  • Copy everything below the line ## PNNNNRM: DESCRIPTION into GitHub issues, prepending ## YYYY-MM-DD Library Evolution Telecon.
  • Copy everything below the line __Chair:__ into the "Chair Notes" section of the TWiki minutes template.

For simultaneous discussion of multiple papers or subjects without a specific paper:

  • Include links for all relevant papers and their GitHub issues.
  • Either name the wiki page after one key paper or give it a descriptive name for the topic.

### Summary should be a few sentences summarizing the discussion.

### Next Steps should be a summary of the consensus of the room: decisions, guidance, feedback, etc. See templates below.

# ISO C++ Library Evolution Telecon

*Date:* YYYY-MM-DD


## Agenda

   * Administrative:
      * Find minute taker.
      * Code of Conduct reminder.
      * Patent and IP policy reminder.
      * Recording policy reminder.
      * Zoom name reminder.
      * Polling tutorial.
      * Electronic polling reminder.
      * Mailing list review reminder.
      * Meeting reminder.



[YYYY-MM-DD Library Evolution Telecon Minutes](



__Minute Taker:__


Does this paper have:
   * Examples?
   * Field experience?
      * Implementation experience?
      * Usage experience?
      * Deployment experience?
   * Performance considerations?
   * Discussion of prior art?
   * Changes Library Evolution previously requested?
   * Wording?
   * Breaking changes?
   * Feature test macro?
   * Freestanding?



Open Questions:

Key Insights:

Topics to Poll:

__End:__ HH:MM

### Summary

### Next Steps