Video Files - commaai/openpilot Wiki

There are a few methods for accessing video files.

Files remain on the comma device until they are uploaded or automatically deleted. Use the following links to gain an understanding of what video segment(s) are needed:

Direct Download

Playback and processing


Requires a Github account, making encryption keys, enabled SSH on the device, and installing a SFTP client on your computer

Software SFTP Clients:

Comma Three

Host Name: IP Address, Port: 22, Username: comma

Once connected, start in path:

Comma Two

Host Name: IP Address, Port: 8022, Username: root

Once connected, start in path:


The segment timestamp identified above will match a subfolder name. Download the target .hevc file, and surrounding .hevc files as desired. Name them in some sensical manner. They can be drag-and-dropped into a VLC window to play, but each file's timestamps/tracking may be incorrect until processed.

The output.hevc file can be uploaded to YouTube straight away for processing, or played in VLC.


Requires a Github account, making encryption keys and enabled SSH on the device.

To connect to your comma two with SSH please see SSH.

To download the video files locally to your machine you can use SCP (secure copy protocol.) If your use case is to download all files you could run the following from a terminal on your local machine.

Comma Three:

scp -r -i ~/.ssh/<your_private_key> [email protected]<your_commas_ip_address>:/data/media/0/realdata ~/<desired_destination>

Comma Two:

scp -r -i ~/.ssh/<your_private_key> [email protected]<your_commas_ip_address>:/sdcard/realdata/ ~/<desired_destination>


Very few apps can play these files, and the ones which can, will default to a playback at 25 fps instead of 20 fps, speeding up the footage.

To combine multiple segments (if needed), use this linux command:

cat fcamera1.hevc fcamera2.hevc fcamera3.hevc > output.hevc 

or this Windows command

copy /b fcamera1.hevc+fcamera2.hevc+fcamera3.hevc output.hevc

To fix the playback speed and put it in a usable container without re-encoding:

download ffmpeg

ffmpeg -r 20 -i input.hevc -c copy output.mp4