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This page is a repository of the numerous existing installation guides as well as a supplement for additional information. If you read through this entire page and relevant links before starting your installation, you are less likely to have installation issues. Note: it is recommended that you install the device in your car before loading openpilot onto the device.

Once you have the device installed, you can proceed to Install Openpilot.

Table of Contents

Installation Videos

It is recommended that you fully watch an installation video before undertaking your installation. A number of good installation videos exist:

Official Installation Guide

Video Car Creator
Honda Civic 2017 comma

Community Guides

Video Car Creator
Toyota Corolla 2020 Logan LeGrand

Installation Instructions

Additional Installation Suggestions

The Comma community have developed the following additional suggestions that may improve your installation process:

Aligning and Placing Components

Encouraging a Strong Adhesive Bond

Comma provides the following instructions in the package:

Mounting Instructions

Attaching Cables

Custom Options

Installation Troubleshooting

My mount fell off

If your mount falls off, discard at least the VHB (the adhesive) or the whole mount if you like. Any adhesive that has attempted to stick and failed is compromised and the same thing will happen if you attempt to reuse it. Comma provides you with a second mount, so just use that. Or order two new mounts from the shop. Be sure to go through all of the cleaning steps again, especially use of isopropyl alcohol. You can also purchase additional VHB adhesive from Amazon, the 3in squares work well.

How do I Remove the Residue on the Windshield after removing the Mount

IPA is probably all you need to do this (see above for what IPA is). If it is really bad, things like goo-gone can be used, but be sure to clean them off thoroughly before reinstalling a mount again.

Community Troubleshooting Video

If you are a visual learner, the community has also created some troubleshooting videos that may help you:

Video Car Creator
Toyota Corolla 2020 Logan LeGrand