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Make-Specific Terms

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Term Abbreviation Definition
Honda Sensing Sensing What Honda calls their ADAS system which provides things such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, road departure mitigation, and lane departure warning.
Honda Bosch Bosch Bosch is a company Honda uses to provide their ADAS systems. Experimental mode, when enabled on a branch such as devel or master-ci, does support Bosch cars, but the experience is less-than-perfect (0.9.1). Release versions of openpilot do not support openpilot longitudinal, but can sometimes (depending on model) steer down to a lower mph than Honda Nidec vehicles.
Honda Nidec Nidec Nidec is a company Honda uses to provide their ADAS systems. Nidec cars support openpilot longitudinal and are considered a better option for openpilot. Nidec hardware is being phased out company-wide in favor of the Bosch system.
Rewrite Honda EPS RWD Part of the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) software is a tool to flash firmware updates (J2534 Rewrite application) and a set of firmware update files. See

openpilot Capabilities

Lateral Control (Steering)


Honda vehicles suffer from a low amount of steering torque that can be applied by openpilot. Hondas with openpilot are best suited to highways and generally straight roads. They can typically make gradual turns at high speeds but may require reduced speed to successfully navigate sharper turns.

Minimum Speeds

Depending on the vehicle model, openpilot cannot steer the car at speeds below 3mph or 12mph. When traveling below the minimum steering speed, the driver must take control of the steering wheel.

Longitudinal Control (Gas and Brakes)

Honda Bosch

With experimental mode enabled on a branch like devel or master-ci, acceleration and braking can be controlled on Bosch ADAS-based vehicles. Using 0.9.1, this experience is rather jerky, and this message on the Discord provides some more details into the experience.

Release versions of openpilot don't yet control acceleration on Bosch ADAS-based vehicles. The radar accepts commands and visual information from the factory windshield-mounted camera assembly which then commands the vehicle's steering and acceleration accordingly. The factory Bosch radar does not output object data like other makes/models (including Honda Nidec).

Honda Nidec

Depending on the model, openpilot will not support stop and go (titled "Low-Speed Follow" by Honda). openpilot does not have direct control over forward acceleration like other models, so it instead uses the factory built-in control system by commanding the desired vehicle speed. If improved acceleration or acceleration control is desired, the community-only supported comma pedal interceptor is required (see below. Not sold or built by openpilot, however, does have full braking control on these cars.

Community Features

comma pedal

Allows Nidec Hondas without cruise control capable of Low-Speed Follow to gain stop-and-go functionality by using openpilot with a device plugged into the accelerator pedal.

Community-Supported Models

Honda Clarity

The Clarity has one extra CAN bus at the camera connector. Due to this, it needs custom hardware and a custom fork to run.

Join the #honda-acura channel on discord with questions.

Serial Steering

There are some Honda/Acura with Honda Sensing/AcuraWatch Plus that are not currently supported due to using dedicated serial data lines for its steering control messages. These cars can work with openpilot using additional hardware and minor software modifications. A Community Maintained upstream is planned.

The current list of 'serial steering' cars:

  • 2016/2017 Accord
  • 15-20 Acura MDX (2022+ MDX does not use serial steering and uses the same Bosch harness, but the wiring pinout is completely different)
  • 15-20 Acura TLX (2021+ TLX uses the same Bosch harness with the same wiring pinout)

Join the #topic-serial-steering channel on discord with questions.