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custom forks

Comma does not validate custom forks for safety. Install them at your own risk.

Unsafe forks will get you banned from Comma servers and their associated services.

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openpilot forks are used for various purposes, often for use on a certain vehicle or for the development and testing of new features.

Fork installation options from a subjective easiest to harder:

Shane's Fork Installer at

Fork manager at emu-sh/.oh-my-comma see: demo

JFrux's guide for installing forks.

If you just want something to help you SSH into your device, check out Utilities for Developers

Owner(s) Link Description
@spektor56 spektor56 For Honda/Toyota and a small subset of Hyundai vehicles only. Replicates the behaviour of Honda Safety Sense. Supports Bosch, Nidec, and pedal.
@sunnyhaibin sunnyhaibin Hyunida/Kia/Genesis (HKG) cars. Equipped with community-loved Modified Assistive Driving Safety (MADS) Mode for HKG cars. Optimized and enhanced openpilot driving experience with rich features.
@kegman kegman Largely supports Honda. Has many various customization options.
@zorrobyte zorrobyte Close to stock, automatically learns your curvature factor for better curve handling. Also supports the highly-accurate Zorro Steering Sensor (ZSS).
@ErichMoraga ErichMoraga Toyota / ZSS
@xx979xx xx979xx Hyundai / Kia / Genesis
@eFini dragonpilot Heavily modified fork of openpilot with many different customizations accessible via UI.
@jyoung8607 jyoung8607 Volkswagen
@ShaneSmiskol Stock Additions Close to stock, has an implementation of following distance profiles similar to the stock Toyota cruise control system. Supports Prius w/ ZSS
@bugsy924 bugsy924 Subaru (Recommended to use use mlp's fork which contains Bugsy's work).
@mlp martinl Subaru (In progress PR supporting both Global and Pre-Global models).
@afa Afa Honda fork for Chinese users who like customization
@Ponzu Ponzu07 Japanese?
@LexusRXopenpilotUG (org) -> @nelsonchen -> @sumedhekaru LexusRXopenpilotUG Un-upstreamable daily auto-generated patch of comma branches and some community forks for Lexus RX longitudinal users to allow lower highway RPMs, quieter rides, and higher mileage.


Helpful tips for creating and maintaining a successful openpilot fork.

Custom Fork Do's and Don'ts

Forks can change many of the fundamental pieces of openpilot software. Because of this, custom forks are expected to maintain certain safety procedures in order to access's server infrastructure.



NOTE: To fork maintainers. Disabling or nerfing safety features may get you and your users banned from our servers. strongly discourages the use of openpilot forks with safety code either missing or not fully meeting the requirements defined in

Fork Management

How do I pull branches from multiple forks since GitHub only allows one fork per origin repo?

Instead of forking multiple fork repositories based on commaai/openpilot, you can choose specific branches you want to bring over to your own repository from other fork maintainers.

There's an easy way to do this which only involves using the GitHub website, and a more involved way which requires a local clone of your own fork as well as executing a few Git commands.