List of TypeScript Kata to Update - codewars/content-issues Wiki

We have TypeScript kata stuck in 2.x that must be updated before adding a newer version.


Since TypeScript 3.x, we changed to use --strict and stopped concatenating with the optional preloaded code.

After running a script to automatically update existing kata, we found that most of them are written like JavaScript (contains implicit any in reference solutions or test helpers). Also, many of them doesn't follow best practices (e.g., unnecessary class with static method is exported).

How to Update

Use the new "Fork" feature to update kata:

You don't need to open an issue/suggestion and wait to edit. Forking a kata in a language is similar to forking an approved translation, but better because

  • all languages can be forked, including those added directly in Kata Editor and the original language
  • it's never outdated because it forks from the kata

You should see "Fork" when viewing a kata with the language you've completed in selected. Click that to open a translation editor with the current version filled in. The proposed changes can be merged or rejected after publishing, just like translations.

If there's a /// <reference comment, remove them as well. For most errors, solutions shouldn't be invalidated if it's written properly.

If a kata uses preloaded code, it needs to be imported explicitly (import { foo } from "./preloaded"). This might invalidate solutions depending on the usage.

Also, consider fixing unidiomatic TypeScript:

  • Using static methods in unnecessary class instead of simple function.
  • Extending prototypes of builtins

Don't worry about invalidating solutions.

List of Kata

The following kata must be updated. Any help will be appreciated.

  1. Crazy Arrays
  2. Easy Cyclist's Training
  3. Euler's method for a first-order ODE
  4. Gap in Primes
  5. Getting along with Integer Partitions
  6. Going to the cinema
  7. Going to zero or to infinity?
  8. Growth of a Population
  9. Hëävÿ Mëtäl Ümläüts
  10. Help Kiyo きよ solve her problems LCM Fun!
  11. Help Suzuki count his vegetables....
  12. Help Suzuki rake his garden!
  13. Help the bookseller !
  14. Help your granny!
  15. Hero's root
  16. Integers: Recreation One
  17. Integers: Recreation Two
  18. Irreducible Sum of Rationals
  19. Is my friend cheating?
  20. Is It Negative Zero (-0)?
  21. isReallyNaN
  22. Jenny's secret message
  23. John and Ann sign up for Codewars
  24. k-Primes
  25. Looking for a benefactor
  26. Magnet particules in boxes
  27. Maximum Length Difference
  28. Mexican Wave
  29. Min Factor Distance
  30. Mirror object - tcejbo rorriM
  31. MOD 256 without the MOD operator
  32. Moduli number system
  33. Molecule to atoms
  34. New £5 notes collectors!
  35. Nice Array
  36. Ninja vs Samurai: Strike
  37. Number of Divisions
  38. Numbers with this digit inside
  39. Odd-Even String Sort
  40. Parabolic Arc Length
  41. Parts of a list
  42. Perimeter of squares in a rectangle
  43. Phone Directory
  44. PI approximation
  45. Pie Chart
  46. Pigs in a Pen
  47. Ping Pong
  48. Playing on a chessboard
  49. Playing with cubes II
  50. Playing with passphrases
  51. Pong! [Basics]
  52. Predict your age!
  53. Primes in numbers
  54. Printer Errors
  55. Prize Draw
  56. Product of consecutive Fib numbers
  57. Projectile Motion
  58. Pure Functions
  59. Rainfall
  60. Rectangle into Squares
  61. Reducing by rules to get the result
  62. Reducing by steps
  63. Regexp Basics - is it a digit?
  64. Street Fighter 2 - Character Selection - Part 2