Impression Level Data - cleveradssolutions/CAS-Unity Wiki

CleverAdsSolutions enables you to access detailed information for each impression through the impressions callback APIs. The information includes, for example, which demand source served the ad, the expected or exact revenue associated with it. In addition, it contains granular details to allow you to analyze and, ultimately, optimize user acquisition strategies.

Glossary Table

Property Name Type Description Examples
type AdType The Placement Type for the impression. AdType.Banner
network AdNetwork Demand Source name is the name of the mediation-side entity that purchased the impression. AdNetwork.Vungle
cpm double The Cost Per Mille estimated impressions of the ad in USD. The value accuracy is returned in the priceAccuracy property. 1.55
priceAccuracy PriceAccuracy Accuracy of the CPM value. May return one of the following: - Floor as minimum eCPMs;- Bid is the exact and committed value per 1000 impressions;- Undisclosed - When the demand source does not agree to disclose the payout of every impression. PriceAccuracy.Floor


The example below showcases how you can access these data on an Interstitial integration.
(The integration for Rewarded and Banners is similar)

manager.OnInterstitialAdOpening += ( metadata ) =>
    if (metadata.priceAccuracy == PriceAccuracy.Undisclosed)
        Debug.Log( "Begin impression " + metadata.type + " ads with undisclosed cost from " + );
        string accuracy = metadata.priceAccuracy == PriceAccuracy.Floor ? "a floor" : "an average";
        Debug.Log( "Begin impression " + metadata.type + " ads with " + accuracy + 
                   " cost of " + metadata.cpm + " CPM from " + );