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The Compare tab presents the results of comparing both databases.



The compare results are displayed on the statistics panel.


Expand the dropdown to change the entity-type (either nodes or relationships) for which you want to view the compare results.

Adding Entities to Sync

Select the entity for which you want to sync its items in the database, from the Statistics Panel. Right-click and then select Add to Sync. All the items of that entity in the database are now added to the Sync queue.

Adding Entities to Sync

In the Add to Queue dialog, you can select the options used during the sync.


ℹ️ To learn more about sync options, see Sync Options.

You can also add individual items to sync. See Adding items to sync.


The Items panel displays the items of the selected entity in the statistics panel.


Adding Items to Sync

To add individual items in the sync queue, select them in the Items panel, right-click, and select Add to Sync.


Click the Sync Preview button to view the synchronization queue and then customize the subgraph to synchronize.

Item Properties

The Properties panel displays the properties of the selected item.


Click the image button to show the Property Details dialog.


Property Details

The Compare Details dialog displays the detailed property information of the selected property of 2 compared items in the database.


Name displays the name of the property.

Type displays the type of the property.

The View As dropdown menu is used to select a perspective or interpretation of the data.


Data Types with multiple interpretations

Property Type Can be Viewed As Remarks
Long String *
DateTime Milliseconds elapsed since 1970
String String *
Json Adds Json formatting and indentation
Base64 ByteArray after Base64 decode
Map Json *
String *
ByteArray HexDump *
ASCII String after encoding was applied
UTF8 String after encoding was applied
UTF16 String after encoding was applied
UTF32 String after encoding was applied
Compressed String after zlib decompression

Default view type *

Load Saved Selection

Load previously saved selection instead of adding items manually.

Click the dropdown button beside the Sync Preview button, and click Load saved selection.

ℹ️ For information on how to save selections, see Save Selection.



Select a saved selection to load. You will then automatically be taken to the Sync tab.



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