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The FieldWorks Language and Culture Model (LCM) is an object-oriented data model of all the linguistic, lexical, textual and grammatical information stored in a FieldWorks project. The model is described in FW 9.1 Conceptual Model.

Detailed information on using the LCM with Python (with or without FlexTools) is given in Python for FlexTools and FLEx 9.1.

For further documentation on the LCM, refer to:

  • The FieldWorks Model documentation help file, which includes LCM class definitions and properties as well as UML diagrams of various areas of the model. (This was built for the FieldWorks 7.2 model, so a number of things are out of date: Interlinear text is not correct, directional links for reversal indexes are wrong, and some newer things are missing. It also has all of the classes for Scripture used by Translation Editor which no longer exists.)
    • (Note that on Windows 10/11 you need to right-click the downloaded file, choose Properties and check the unblock box in order to open the file.)
  • The MasterLCModel XML file, which is the latest model definition.
  • This spreadsheet, which has two tabs, one for classes and the other for fields. (This also reflects the latest model.)
  • The LCM code itself, which can be viewed here.

Additionally, other technical documents on a variety of topics are available on the FieldWorks support site.