Installation - ccnmtl/footprints Wiki


Python 3.8
PostgresSQL with PostGIS geo-aware extensions
Solr 3+
Celery 3


  • In development, Footprints can be configured to use an in-memory Celery configuration and a simple search backend.
  • Footprints uses SpatiaLite to run unit tests.
  • See the Local Solr Instance page for more information on how to develop Footprints locally.


  1. If you are planning to contribute to the project, first fork the repository into your own account.

  2. Clone Footprints into your local development environment.

  3. Build the PostgresSQL database
    A. Make sure you have PostGIS installed and configured.
    B. Create the database createdb footprints

  4. Customize settings
    Create a file in the footprints subdirectory. Override the variables from that you need to customize for your local installation. At a minimum, you will need to customize your DATABASES dictionary. See the example file for more information.

  5. Build Footprints uses a Makefile to control the build. Simply run make to build the virtualenv and run tests.

  6. Sync the database

    make migrate

  7. Run locally (during development only)
    make runserver

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