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If you got this far, you should have a Foundry server that should be fully integrated with S3 storage with SSL Encryption.

Lets go through a checklist to make sure you're fully set up. If you run into any problems, take a look at the Troubleshooting section below.

If you checked everything off, you're all set to go! Make sure to check for patches if you run into any bugs down the line. That's it from me, enjoy! 🥳


So... despite all my testing, your server doesn't work. Before you create an issue, take a gander through the troubleshooting section. I've tried to help you narrow down what to look for if a specific component isn't working.

Deployed Template Parameters

You can review the values you input into the CloudFormation template. You'll likely need to check these once you've narrowed down the suspects from the sections below.

  1. Login to AWS
  2. Navigate to the CloudFormation dashboard by searching CloudFormation in the Services dropdown.
  3. You should see your foundry stack listed, click into the stack name for your deployment.
  4. Click Parameters. You should now see the values you input during creation.

I can't access my domain or subdomain

Browsers sometimes cache information to load previously visited websites faster. After creating the website, your browser may not be aware that you've updated the site.

It is possible that an error was made when inputting parameters into the template. We can narrow down some of the possibilities. Grab the IP address of the server and enter it into the address bar in the following format (without the square brackets): [IP Address]:30000

The IP address worked...

The IP address didn't work...

I don't see a lock

There are really only a few scenarios where certificates would have failed to generate.

I can't use my camera or microphone

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