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Handling Custom Fields and Opcodes

Just like in Oracle BRM custom processes in C/C++, to use custom fields and opcodes, you will convert the custom_flds.h and custom_ops.h custom files in the same way and set the data in the pin.conf file.

Number of opcode or field must be less or equal than 9999999(7 digits).
Max size for field or opcode name is 60 characters.

This script will convert include header fiels for custom fields and opcodes into a csv table to be loaded in memory later.
        -h      help
        -I      input file
        -O      output file

You can concatenate custom_flds.h and custom_flds.h into one single file to convert.

cat custom_flds.h custom_ops.h > prov.h -I prov.h -O custom_flds_ops.csv

Setting custom fields and opcodes table file into pin.conf

Open pin.conf file used by python (see, and set the follow information.
- PCMPy py_ops_fields_extension_file <dir/filename>


- PCMPy py_ops_fields_extension_file /etc/custom_flds_ops.csv
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