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P4RT-1.1: Base P4RT Functionality


Validate that the P4RT server can accept basic configuration and Read/Write RPCs.


  • Connect ATE port-1 to DUT port-1, and ATE port-2 to DUT port-2.

  • Configure P4RT id and node-id with two different interfaces on different FAPs.

  • Send the WBB P4Info via the SetForwardingConfigPipeline.

  • Send RPC Write to install the WBBIngressaclTable for GDP, LLDP and traceroute with meters attached.

  • Verify if the RPC write is success.

  • Send RPC Read to read back the installed table entries.

  • Validate the read Response for each of table entries GDP, LLDP and traceroute.

  • Repeat the same steps for another FAP and verify the Table entries.

Config Parameter Coverage

  • /components/component/integrated-circuit/config/node-id
  • /interfaces/interface/config/id

Telemetry Parameter coverage

No new telemetry covered.

Protocol/RPC Parameter coverage

No new Protocol/RPC covered.

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