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RT-1.1: Base BGP Session Parameters


BGP session establishment between DUT - ATE and verifiying different session parameters.


DUT port-1 -------- ATE port-1


Test the abnormal termination of session using notification message:

  • Establish BGP session between DUT (AS 65540) and ATE (AS 65550). The DUT/ATE peers should be configured with MD5 authentication using the same password.

    • Ensure session state should be ESTABLISHED.
    • Verify BGP capabilities: route refresh, ASN32 and MPBGP.
  • Verify BGP session disconnect by sending notification message from ATE.

    • Send CEASE notification from ATE.
    • Ensure that DUT telemetry correctly reports the error code.

Test md5 password authentication on session establishment:

  • Configure matching passwords on DUT and ATE. Verify that BGP adjacency succeeds.

  • Configure mismatched passwords on DUT and ATE. Verify that BGP adjacency fails.

Test the normal session establishment and termination:

  • Establish BGP session for the following cases:

    • eBGP using DUT AS 65540 and ATE AS 65550.
      • Specifies global AS 65540 on the DUT.
      • Specifies global AS 65536 and neighbor AS 65540 on the DUT. Verify that ATE sees peer AS 65540.
    • iBGP using DUT AS 65536 and ATE AS 65536.
      • Specifies global AS 65536 on the DUT.
      • Specifies both global and neighbor AS 65536 on the DUT.

    And include the following session parameters for all cases:

    • Explicitly specified Router ID.
    • Explicit holdtime interval and keepalive interval.
    • Explicit connect retry interval.

Config Parameter coverage

  • For prefix:

    • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp/global
  • For Parameters:

    • config/as
    • config/router-id
    • config/peer-as
    • config/local-as
    • config/description
    • timers/config/hold-time
    • timers/config/keepalive-interval
    • timers/config/minimum-route-advertisement-interval
  • For prefixes:

    • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp/peer-groups/peer-group
    • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp/neighbors/neighbor

Telemetry Parameter coverage

  • For prefix:

    • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/bgp/
  • For Parameters:

    • state/last-established
    • state/messages/received/NOTIFICATION
    • state/negotiated-hold-time
    • state/supported-capabilities

Protocol/RPC Parameter coverage

  • BGP

    • OPEN

      • Version
      • My Autonomous System
      • BGP Identifier
      • Hold Time
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