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John Doe John Doe
Some guy from Southern California
Doesn’t necessarily have a scientific background
Wants learn new stuff


  • He wants to learn new stuff


  • Not registered to the system
  • Doesn’t know anything about high energy physics


  • Hears about the website and wants to have a look
  • Enters the website where main page welcomes him
  • Enters the topic he wishes to explore
  • Interested by one specific node and clicks on it, then brief information is shown on the side
  • Wants to see the discussion about the node; therefore, goes to node's detailed information page
  • Reads Q&A part
  • Wants to ask a question but posting questions needs authorization
  • Clicks on sign-up hyperlink and registration page pops up
  • Fills the registration form for non-contributor users
  • The user is redirected to the node's information page he which was previously on
  • Writes the question he wants to ask and waits for an answer from the node’s creator


  • Guests shall be able to view the nodes and reference edges.
  • Guests shall be able to view the contributors of nodes.
  • Guests shall be able to view the questions, answers and annotations for each node.
  • Users shall be able to ask questions about a node.
  • Users shall provide their real names, e-mail addresses, passwords to sign up.
  • The platform shall allow users to search for users, nodes, comments under a node.
  • The platform shall allow users to semantically search for nodes.
  • Nodes shall be filtered by their tags.

See Requirements.


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