CmpE352 Meeting #3 - bounswe/bounswe2023group9 GitHub Wiki


📅 Date: 15/03/2023

📍 Location: CMPE Lounge

🕐 Duration: 1 h 15 m

📝 Note Taker: Ahmet Abdullah Susuz

👥 Attendees:

  • Ahmed Bera Pay
  • Ahmet Abdullah Susuz
  • Ali Mert Geben
  • Arda Arslan
  • Hakan Emre Aktaş
  • Leyla Yayladere
  • Mehmet Süzer
  • Rafet Oğuz Pançuk
  • Ömer Şükrü Uyduran
  • Ufuk Altunbulak
  • Zülal Molla

Agenda Items

  1. Discussing the regular weekly meeting time
  2. Reviewing the decided topics covered in the previous meeting with Utkan Hoca
  3. Discussing the project scope and the new topics which are up to us
  4. Discussing about the requirements, how to write them, and their categorization in detail
  5. Assigning new tasks

Discussion Items

  1. Agreed to meet every wednesday at 8 p.m
  2. Agreed on the project scope and the details
  3. Decided what will and will not be in the requirements, how to think about them, and their categorization

Action Items

# Details Assignee(s) Related Issue Deadline
1 Preliminary work and documentation of the requirements Ahmed Bera Pay, Ahmet Abdullah Susuz, Ali Mert Geben, Ömer Şükrü Uyduran, Zülal Molla Requirements should be documented 18/03/2023
2 Creation and documentation of high-level mock-ups Arda Arslan, Hakan Emre Aktaş, Leyla Yayladere, Mehmet Süzer creation and documentation of high-level mock-ups 20/03/2023

Next Meeting

  • 22/03/2023
  • Weekly Meeting