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🌟 Collaborative Science Platform 🌟

🤝 Who Are We?

We are a group of enthusiastic students from the introduction to software engineering course, committed to designing and implementing a collaborative science platform that facilitates sharing, discussing and co-creating scientific knowledge. Our team members are:

🧪 What is the Project?

Our project aims to create a platform that enables researchers, scientists, and students to collaborate on scientific projects and share knowledge in real-time. The platform will provide an intuitive interface with features such as project management, document sharing, and communication tools.

📜 Requirements Page

Our question page which contains question to customer about requirements. Check out our requirements page for more detailed information on the features and functionalities we plan to include in our project.

📝 Meeting Notes

Stay up-to-date with our project's progress by visiting our meeting notes where we share meeting summaries, agendas, and decisions made during each meeting.

🔍 Useful Research Links

Here are some links to useful research that we have found:

  • Some Useful Projects: A collection of some useful projects which we liked.
  • Similar Projects: A list of similar projects and platforms for collaborative research and knowledge sharing.

🎦 Scenarios and Mock-ups

Here are some examples of how different types of users might interact with our platform

📋 Templates

We have created some templates to help you contribute to our project:

  • Personal Info Template: Use this template to introduce yourself and provide some information about your background and interests.
  • Meeting Notes Template: Use this template to take notes during our meetings and keep track of our progress.