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Hello 👋

I'm a senior computer engineering student at Bogazici University. I'm also doing double major in physics. Since astronomy and physics are my favorite subjects since I was little, this contributed to my interest in satellites and curiosity about signal processing. Apart from these, I love cinema very much and spend most of my free time watching movies or going to the cinema.

Regarding my experience, I worked at the Database Management Systems at Turkcell and did a testing tool for large databases. Then, I had a little experience with game programming. I like to try many things and see if I like them and try to improve myself in various fields.

Skills and Interests

  • Cinema
  • Satellites
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Dinosaurs

Contact Info


Week 1
Task Subject Duration Result
Created meeting 1 agenda Meeting 15 minutes link
Attended meeting 1 Organizational 1 hour 15 minuttes link
Created Personal Page Template Documentation 30 minutes link
Created Personal Page Documentation 30 minutes link
Done research about a good Github Repository Research 1 hour 30 minutes link
Week 2
Task Subject Duration Result
Prepared 17 questions for requirements Requirements 2 hours
Attended customer meeting Organizational 30 minutes link
Took notes at customer meeting & created meeting notes page Documentation 1 hour link
Attended meeting 2 Organizational 40 minutes link
Week 3
Task Subject Duration Result
Organized meeting 3 agenda and weekly tasks Meeting 15 minutes
Attended meeting 3 Organizational 1 hour 10 minutes link
Done research about Joyfreak as a similar project Research 2 hours link
Helped communication plan Organizational 15 minutes link
Home page, User profile page, Android Application login and land page mock-up design with Melih Gezer Design 6 hours link
Helped categorizing the questions for requirements Requirements 15 minutes link
Week 4
Task Subject Duration Result Corresponding Issue
Attended and took notes at Meeting #4 Meeting 1 hour 30 minutes
Created page for Meeting #4 notes Documentation 30 minutes link #47
Revised and organized requirements page Requirements 5 hours 30 minutes link #45 #46 #48
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