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About Me

Hey there! I am using GitHub :D My name is Egecan Serbester, I am 3rd-year Computer Engineering Student at Bogazici University. I am currently working on Token Financial Technologies as an Android Engineer.

I have interested in driving 🚗🚗, cooking 🍳 , diving and nearly all team sports.



Weekly Effort

Week 1
Task Type Duration Links
Attended Acquaintance Meeting Meeting 1 hr #1
Learning markdowns for wiki page Learning 45 min #2
Created personal wiki page Documentation 45 min #3
Created research wiki page Documentation 1 hr #4
Week 2
Task Type Duration Links
Created questions for requirements Documentation 30 min #1
Attended and took notes in Meeting with project owner Meeting 90 min #2
Attended to online meeting Meeting 45 min #3
Week 3
Task Type Duration Links
Attended to Meeting Meeting 90 min #1
Creating Weekly Effort Template Documentation 30 min #2
Meet with Begum for Account Features and Creating Mock-ups Meeting & Documentation  2 hr #3
Meet with Merve and Begum for Editing Requirements Page Meeting & Documentation  2 hr #4
Attended to Meeting Meeting  1 hr #5
Week 4
Task Type Duration Links
Review the Requirements Documentation 4 hr #1
Add Availability to Requirements Documentation 30 min #2
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