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📅 Date: 17/03/2023

📍 Location: Discord

🕐 Duration: 15.00 - 16.00

📝 Note Taker: Kübra Aksu

👥 Attendees:

  • Alperen Dağı

  • Çağrı Gülbeycan

  • Furkan Bülbül

  • Cem Sarpkaya

  • Ilgaz Er

  • Kübra Aksu

  • Muhammet Ali Topcu

  • Sezer Çot

  • Volkan Öztürk

  • Harun Reşid Ergen

  • Suzan Üsküdarlı

  • Alper Ahmetoğlu


  1. User Roles
  2. Scope of the Project
  3. Allocation Extent


  1. WHAT? What of the project has been discussed. What? Good representation of information and information gathering Thus, this creates the action. But action controls are not fully responsibility of the project.

  2. User roles has been clarified.

    Type Of User

    • Coordinator : Coordination
    • Facilitator : Information provider
    • Responser : Response provider
    • Victim

User roles necessary to create the overall project structure and analysing the types and quantities of needs. It is not going to be used for allocating personal needs one by one (actually this is not in the project scope), our aim here is to gain genaralized perspective to authorised users such as coordinators and facilitators.

About the roles;

  • Coordinator: They are decision makers that have the control mechanism, took actions and control actions. They are from different agencies, maybe taking their power from governmental organisations or social care institutions.. To visualise it can be tough as Kızılay or Ahbap administrators in the last earthquake. They don’t have to be and don’t need to be in the field, actually at the latest scenario they were usually at Ankara. Those coordinators need to be approved at the system.
  • Facilitator: Information providers. Those people are the responsers/helpers at the field. They also need to be registered. But their register is not restricted as coordinators. Their first priority task from the project perspective is information gathering. They also took actions. Also at that place, social media should be considered. Facilitators should be enable to extract data from social media. (Social media extraction user role is open to discussion for the next meeting. Considering the main role of facilitators are information gathering, this action seems relevant but personally I don’t think that this is suitable for real scenarios.)
  • Responser : Resource providers.
  • Victims : They need to be able to report their needs and locations.

Our mainly focus at the project is describing and reporting events and needs. It doesn’t have to write the prescription. We are going to leave it to Ahbap, Kızılay, kriz masası and also to common sense. One of the significant part of the project is feedback mechanisms. They should be quick and dynamic:

  • Quick update
  • Quick actions

Thus, gathered information is aimed to be updated.

Action Items

# Details Issue
1 Clarification of the project scope #link