Meeting 16 Report 04.06.2021 - bounswe/2021SpringGroup9 Wiki

Time: 21.00-00.20

Attendance: All students

Where: Discord

Discussion Topics

  1. API's and their functionalities
  2. What can be improved about the functionalities?
  3. Github pull requests and their reviews
  4. What will be done next? How can we distribute the tasks including Frontend, Docker, AWS, Database setup
  5. How can we merge the files?
  6. Bug fixes of some codes and dealing with conflicts when merging was the main discussion topic of the meeting.


  1. Everyone has explained their API's and how to use them. We have talked about what can be improved including how to post a story to the database, what to keep in the database and how to combine these functionalities.
  2. We had already opened pull requests and decided to finish reviewing the code of each other. Everyone tested other's codes in their local environment and we have fixed the bugs together accordingly.
  3. We have talked about using Swagger and decided that it would be nice to use it however, we should add Generic API View to some views that don't have it.
  4. We have finished the reviews and started merging. After trying to merge all the views in just one file, we have seen that this complicates the merging process a lot and we would have to deal with too many conflicts. So, we have decided to create directories for tests and views and we gathered all the views and tests under these directories seperately. To do that, we have organized our codes according to the Issue #140. This way, the number of conflicts have reduced and the merging process became easier.
  5. While merging, since we merged a couple of views before changing our approach, some of us had complications when using git push -u origin <branchname> when organizing the codes. We have looked closer to that problem and solved it by two different approaches.
  6. We have decided to have a main page on frontend which directs the user to different views after posting a story.
  7. We have divided the group in subgroups where one of the groups will take the frontend part and the rest of us will dockerize the app and learn AWS in more detail. We will discuss the DB topic in the next meeting.
  8. We have also decided to add a requirements.txt to our app.

Common Tasks

Assignee(s) Task
Each team member Think about the next steps of the project.

Personal Tasks

Assignee(s) Task
Mert Alkan Front-end of the app
Ahmet Melih Aydoğdu Dockerize and deploy the app
Zehranaz Canfes Dockerize and deploy the app Create requirements.txt
Mustafa Emir Çolak Front-end of the app
Ömer Barış Erkek Dockerize and deploy the app
Kadir Kalkan Front-end of the app
Melih Özcan Dockerize and deploy the app
Ahmet İbrahim Şentürk Front-end of the app
Niyazi Ülke Dockerize and deploy the app