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Week 1, 22 mar:
Group meeting, logistic, 25 mar 9:30pm, 2h
Git system study, study, 28 mar, 1h
Started personal and work log wiki pages, logistic, 28 mar, 10m
Prepared 'infrastructure setup' homework document, study, 28 mar, 20m
Looked at some GitHub repos, study, 28 mar, 20m
Read 'Introduction to course and software engineering.pdf', study, this week most probably, 20m

issues I got assigned with:
Set up the Slack server, Discover GitHub repositories, Learn about git, Create effort documentation wiki pages, Create personal wiki pages

research items:
[ 2013] - Git For Ages 4 And Up, video link
Repos: mpv, cltk
mpv-player: I liked that they put together many useful user-made scripts together under wiki. Also that they have a page 'stuff to do' for those interested in helping the project.

Week 2, 29 mar:
Created some Slack channels, logistic, 29 mar, 20m
Skimmed through and edited 'git cheatsheet' on our wiki, study, 29 mar, 30m
Group meeting, logistic, 30 mar 9:30pm, 1h
Read 'Requirements Elicitation.pdf', project 1 description from 'Cmpe352 Project Descriptions.pdf', 'Project Lifecycles and Requirements.pdf', and link, study, 3 apr, 1h
Group meeting related to SRS, logistic, 3 apr, 40m

Week 3, 5 apr:
Studied user requirements, study, 7 apr, 30m
Group meeting with a couple members for user requirements, study, 7 apr, 1h
Added user requirements in SRS, documentation, 7 apr, 20m

Week 4, 12 apr:
Group meeting, study, 13 apr, 40m
Meeting with a couple members for user scenario 3, study, 16 apr, 1h
Group meeting, study, 16 apr, 40m
Meeting with a couple members for user mockup 3, study, 18 apr, 1.5h
Reordered actions on user scenario after the mockup meeting and changed a user requirement in SRS after decisions during 2nd group meeting this week, documentation, 18 apr, 20m
Prepared 'user scenario/mockup work.txt' document, study, 18 apr, 20m
Read 'Observations-Issues Wiki isue.pdf', study, this week, 10m

Week 5, 19 apr:
Read 'Design Patterns.pdf', 'Project Planning Part I.pdf', study, 20 apr, 30m
Group meeting, study, 20 apr 9:30pm, 30m
Read 'Software Design with Unified Modeling Langauge.pdf', study for design documents hw, 20 apr, 40m
Studied use case, class and sequence diagrams, study, 22 apr, 40m
Customer meeting, logistic, 23 apr, 1.5h
TA meeting regarding diagrams, study, 23 apr, 30m
Group meeting regarding diagrams, logistic, 24 apr, 40m
Meeting with a couple members for the use case diagram, study, 25 apr, 2.5h
Upload use case diagram, documentation, 25 apr, 2m
Commented on issue #40 and closed, documentation, 25 apr, 5m
Prepared 'design documents work log', documentation, 25 apr, 10m

Week 6, 26 apr:
TA meeting regarding diagrams, logistic, 27 apr, 30m
Group meeting, logistic, 27 apr, 20m
GitHub repo formatting, logistic, 27 apr, 20m
Group meeting, logistic, 30 apr, 30m
Meeting with a couple members regarding the report, study, 2 may, 1.5h
Laid out the mockups with their scenarios, the requirements with the glossary, the 'summary of work done individually' table and the table of contents in the meeting, logistic, 2 may, 1.5h

Week 7, 3 may:
Use case diagram adjusting, study, 4 may, 30m
Use case diagram update meeting with a couple members, study, 6 may, 1.5h
Github repo update, logistic, 6 may, 20m
Customer meeting, logistic, 7 may, 45m
Added my work summary to the report, 7 may, 5m
Read 'Project Planning Part II - Estimation.pdf', study, this week, 20m
Read 'Implemtantation Issues Configuration.pdf', study, this week, 20m
Group meeting, logistic, 8 may, 15m
Filled RAM regarding my duties, logistic, 9 may, 10m

Week 8, 10 may:
Spring break

Week 9, 17 may:
Read 'Implementation Assignment for M2.pdf', study, 18 may, 5m
Read 'Web Application Development with API.pdf', study, 19 may, 20m
Git PS, study, 21 may, 2h
Read 'Quality Assurance- Verification Validation.ppt.pdf', 'Container based deployment (Dockerization).pdf' and 'Automated Software Development - WorkflowsPipelines.pdf', study, 21 may, 50m
Group meeting for homework, logistic, 21 may, 20m
Read 'git-scm.pdf', study, 23 may, 30m

Week 10, 24 may:
PS, logistic, 25 may, 30m
Group meeting regarding the api's, logistic, 25 may, 20m
Wrote an API for a random sports arena article from Wikipedia, homework, 26 may, 1h
Wrote a second API for posting equipment, homework, 27 may, 1h
Wrote documentation for the APIS, homework, 27 may, 5m

Week 11, 31 may:
Read 'Automating the Software Development Workflow.pdf' and 'Mock Data for Testing.pdf', study, 1 jun, 30m
Created a branch 'salih' and pushed the tests of 'random_article' api there, git, 4 jun, 30m
Created a pull request for other members to review the code pushed so far to the 'dev' and 'salih' branches by me, git, 4 jun, 10m
Read 'What Really is Docker.pdf' and 'How to CI_CD.pdf', hw study, 5 jun, 30m
Group meeting regarding the homework, study, 6 jun, 20m

Week 12, 7 jun:
Group meeting, homework, 9 jun, 20m
Added two APIs' documentation on our repo's api documentation md file, homework, 9 jun, 10m
Added my work on the milestone report contribution section, homework, 9 jun, 5m

Week 13, 14 jun:
Read 'Lessons Learned Brainstorming.pdf' and 'Professional Ethical Considerations.pdf', study, 15 jun, 15m

End of semester, 16 jun

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