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Meeting Details

We had a meeting to discuss "Implementation assignment". In this meeting we talked about the work we have done so far. Berke and Cem represented their work on the branch 'MainApp', and we decided to speed up the work on this branch to create a minimal app to be presented. We decided everyone should either open an issue or comment on current issues and solve the problems with the branch asap.


Discussion Items


No Task Member(s) Deadline
1 Understanding the mainapp Everyone 06.06.2021 14:00
2 Learning the details of the app Everyone 06.06.2021 14:00
3 Explaining the details of the app Berke,Cem 06.06.2021 14:00
4 Implementing additional functionalities Everyone 06.06.2021 14:00
5 Creating meeting notes 10 page Cem 05.06.2021 23:59