User manual - boris-van-sosin/Sprocket-Turret-Designer-Mk2 Wiki

Basic instructions:

The turrets are constructed from elevation contours, kind of like a terrain elevation map. You need to construct at least 2 layers to create a turret. Each layer must contain a connected chain of curves that starts and ends at the center line (appears in red). Don't worry about symmetry. Construct only the right side of the turret (bottom half of the plane in the default view), and the app will automatically mirror it to form a complete symmetrical turret. You also don't need to worry about the bottom or top surfaces of the turret. They are automatically generated. Two layers with fully connected chains of curves

Hint 1: when editing segments, points can snap to other points on other segments. This should help you form connected chains. Hint 2: after you are done with a layer, you can either create a new empty layer, or duplicate the top layer.


Basic lines and curves

Your basic types of segments are 2-point lines, 3-point curves and 4-point curves.

After you click one of the buttons for creating a curve, click on the layer to add a control point. After you add all the points, the curve will appear. Right-clicking will cancel the curve creation.

Creating a curve

Editing curves

Once a curve is created, you can edit its control points by selecting the curve and then entering edit mode. In edit mode, you can either drag control points directly, drag control points via the arrows, in which case the movement is restricted to one of the axes, or directly editing the coordinated values.

Editing control points

In the panel that shows the coordinates of a control point, the coordinates appear both in their absolute position, and relative to the first control point in the curve.

The coordinates of a control point

When free-dragging control points, they tend to snap to existing control points of other curves. This helps make sure the curves are connected to each other.

Control points snap to each other

Circular arcs

Circular arcs do not behave like regular curves. A circular arc is defined by three points: the start point, the center, and the end point (in that order).

Creating a circular arc

Since the start point and the center define the circle, the end point is always constrained, so it cannot be positioned freely.

Editing a circular arc. Only the start and center points can move freely. The end point is constrained to the circle.

Other operators

When a curve is selected, its editing operators become available. These include move, rotate, scale, and mirror (there are also edit, which we have already covered, and delete, which is self-explanatory).

The curve editing operators


You can set the armour values for the turret. The armour is roughly divided into sections: front, side, rear, floor and roof. You can set armour values individually for each section.

Generating the turret

After you finish creating the turret (recall that you need at least 2 layers with fully connected chains of segments), you can generate a preview of it. If you have already uploaded the tank blueprint, you can apply the turret to the tank, and download the modified design using the "Generate & Download" button.

Saving and loading:

The "Download definition" button downloads a data file of your turret design to save your work for back up or for continuing to work on it later. You can also upload a previously saved turret design. Note that this is NOT in the Sprocket format, so do not try to copy these data files into Sprocket.

Hint 3: this tool is experimental, and has not been fully idiot-proofed. Save you work often.

Uploading a tank blueprint

After you are happy with the turret design, use the "Upload blueprint" button to upload a tank blueprint from Sprocket to to which the turret will be applied. The tank must already have a turret called "Turret 1", and the app will override it.

Hull preview

To get a sense of the size of the turret, the app can display a box-shaped dummy tank hull under the turret. You can set the dimensions of the preview hull. Also, you can choose to override the tank hull in the blueprint with the preview hull when you download the modified blueprint.