STM32 Toolchain on Windows - benno90/EBiCS_Firmware Wiki

This section describes the installation of :

The instructions are a summary of the following youtube video:

1 GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain

download the latest zip package

create a directoy C:\STM32 and extract the zip there: C:\STM32\gcc-arm-none-eabi-10-2020-q4-major

2 Make for Windows

download binaries and dependencies

create a directory C:\STM32\make-3.81 and extract both zip files in this directory (see

3 OpenOCD for Windows

download the latest version and unpack in C:\STM32 -> C:\STM32\OpenOCD-20210519-0.11.0

4 git for Windows

download the portable version

and extract in the C:\STM32 directory. Create the directory PortableGit first and then 'Extract Here..'

4 Edit Environment Variables

add the variable ARMGCC_DIR to the system variables (not the user variables, as in the video)

edit the Path variable

The above steps are explained in the video Add the variables to the System variables not to the User variables as in the video.

5 Check Environment

Open a command prompt and check if the system can find the executables.

6 clone the repository

in the command prompt:

git clone

cd EBiCS_Firmware

git checkout benno_development



7 Visual Studio Code

Download the editor and install the C/C++ extension as well as the Cortex-Debug extension.

6b Debug