DrumMap - benirose/O_C-BenisphereSuite Wiki

DrumMap is a 2 channel port of the popular rhythm sequencer Grids, from Mutable Instruments. You are able to select any of the 3 parts to assign to each channel. In addition, the 2nd channel can be used as the accent channel of the 1st channel.

If you are unfamiliar with the premise of Grids, watch this video for an excellent explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5yN0N6aTws

Thanks to Émilie Gillet for making the code for Mutable Instruments modules open source!


DrumMap expects a 32nd note clock (8ppqn) to operate normally, but can use other clock speeds to advance the sequencer at slower or faster rates.

In order to make parameter changes more performable using the encoder, knob acceleration has been implemented for the "Fill", "X", "Y" and "Chaos" parameters. This means if you turn the knob quickly it will traverse the whole range, but if you turn it slowly it will increment by a single value.

Additionally, DrumMap will auto-reset after ~2 seconds of no clock signal.

Note: Due to memory limitations, only the "fill", "x", "y", and "chaos" parameters will be saved with the applet data.

Assignable CV Inputs

You can change the CV Input assignment from “Part A Fill and Part B Fill”, “X and Y coordinates” and “Part A Fill and Chaos” (the last is useful when you’re using accent on channel 2, since it has no fill). CV is added to the parameter value set via the encoder, and voltages from -3 to +5 are supported. This means when the parameter is set in the middle, you should be able to use a +/-5 volt CV signal to reach both ends of the parameter.