1. initial set up - bcb420-2022/Tianyan_Zhou Wiki


  1. Create the github repository of the course.
  2. Edit the wiki and add journal into it.
  3. Add links and repo to the main student page
  4. Download Docker and create a new image and container from the bcb420 Dockerfile.

Time estimated: 1h; taken 1h Date started: 2022-01-11; completed: 2022-01-11


  1. read the Account setup page.
  2. create a new issue include my GitHub username
  3. wait for approve.
  4. edit the wiki and enter the first journal.
  5. press the download link of Docker.
  6. create a new image and container from docker


  1. Added into the course repository
  2. student wiki created.
  3. docker downloaded.
  4. image and container created.

Conclusion and Outlook