1. Account Setup - bcb420-2022/Ruicong_Zong Wiki


Set up the repository, student wiki, course journal and docker to get ready for BCB420.


Time estimated: 1 h; taken 5 h;
Date started: 2022-01-13; date completed: 2022-01-14


  1. Submit issue in student repo and wait to be added to BCB420 repo.
  2. After being added, set up the student wiki page and start writing the first course journal.
  3. Add links of my repo and wiki to main student wiki page.
  4. Download Docker and install it.
  5. Create a new image and container from the BCB420 Docker file.


Repo and wiki successfully created.
Docker installed and image created.

Conclusions and Outlooks

Have learnt that we are able to create wiki on GitHub too.
Docker is very new to me, need more time to familiarize it.
Need time to read through General course prep, R Basics, Bioinfo Basics.


Steipe, B., & Isserlin, R. (Edited). (2021). Chapter 2 Installing R and RStudio. https://bcb420-2022.github.io/R_basics/r-install.html#r_docker.

Isserlin, R. (2019). BCB420 - Computational System Biology. Github.Io. https://bcb420-2022.github.io/General_course_prep/