TTGO T Beam Firmware for Stratux - b3nn0/stratux Wiki

Firmware choices

There are two major firmwares that are useful to use in combination with Stratux, which offer different advantages: SoftRF and OGN-Tracker.

SoftRF OGN-Tracker Notes
RX Capabilities Choose one of Legacy, FANET, PilotAware, OGNTP OGNTP This assists the 868Mhz SDR. Range of the T-Beam is quite limited, so this is not an important factor for Stratux
TX Capabilities Choose one of Legacy, FANET, PilotAware, OGNTP OGNTP and PilotAware in parallel (in the future potentially also FANET)
GPS Capabilities 1 Hz, static configuration 5 Hz, free configuration This is especially important for AHRS. Using 1Hz SoftRF will drastically decrease AHRS performance in Stratux. Additionally, Stratux can configure the OGN-Tracker to use all major satellite systems if the hardware supports it (GPS+Glonass+Galileo including SBAS).
Stratux support Limited, Stratux uses GPS Data and received traffic Extendend, Stratux web interface allows configuration of OGN Tracker (device address, transmitted pilot name, aircraft type, ...), Stratux will automatically exclude your ID from traffic reports, etc.

For use with Stratux, we recommend OGN-Tracker firmware, as it is well integrated and doesn't break the AHRS functionality (Note: You CAN NOT verify this on the ground. The GPS is mainly a factor for AHRS when airborne. On the ground, all looks good, but in the air, the 1Hz GPS configuration of SoftRF will not be enough). Additionally, OGN-Tracker gives you the advantage that it will always transmit PilotAware on the side, which makes PilotAware base stations potentially uplink Mlatted Mode-S traffic positions to your Stratux.

SoftRF usually comes preinstalled on your T-Beam, but you might still want to consider updating the firmware - see below.

Installing/Updating OGN-Tracker Firmware

As of Stratux Europe Edition version eu022, we provide pre-built OGN-Tracker firmware binaries with each Stratux release. Before proceeding, please check which version of the T-Beam you have. On the front side of the PCB, there should be a small text, e.g. TT22_V1.1 or TT22_V07. Verify which version you have before flashing any firmware!

Flashing directly from your Stratux

Important: This process only works if you have installed Stratux EU version eu025 or later.

  1. Plug the T-Beam into one of your Stratux USB Ports via a Micro-USB cable
  2. Download putty to your PC and connect it to the Stratux WiFi
  3. Use putty to connect to your Stratux (by default, connect to in putty)
  4. When promted for login data, enter "pi" as a login name and "raspberry" as the password
  5. You should now see a promt like [email protected]:~$. If you have a T-Beam 1.0 or newer, type in this command:
    sudo /opt/stratux/ogn/
    If you have an older version, use this command:
    sudo /opt/stratux/ogn/ 0.7
  6. Once the process has finished, unplug the T-Beam and plug it back in (or unplug the Stratux and plug it back in. But the T-Beam should lose power once to ensure correct initialization)

Flashing from Linux

  1. Download the firmware from here if you have a T-Beam 1.0 or later, or here if it is older than 1.0
  2. Make sure your T-Beam is plugged in via USB
  3. You have to be root to flash the firmware, run sudo -s
  4. Extract the zip package unzip esp32-ogn-tracker-bin*.zip
  5. run source to flash the firmware

Flashing from Windows

  1. Download the firmware from here if you have a T-Beam 1.0 or later, or here if it is older than 1.0
  2. Go to to download the CP210x USB to UART bridge driver and install it ("Universal Windows Driver")
  3. Go to and download the "Flash Download Tools" and extract the package
  4. Extract the esp32-ogn-tracker-bin*.zip file
  5. Make sure your T-Beam is plugged in via USB
  6. Run the flash download tool. When asked, select "Developer mode" and "ESP32 DownloadTool"
  7. Fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot. Make sure to select the correct COM port in the bottom right
  8. Now click "ERASE" to clear the T-Beam's firmware and wait for the status indicator to show "FINISH"
  9. Hit the "START" button to flash the firmware and wait until the progress bar is filled up. esp32download

You can now unplug your T-Beam and connect it to your Stratux.

Installing/Updating SoftRF

Refer to here and here for downloads and flashing instructions (section ESP32 is relevant for the T-Beam).