Roadmap - audacity/audacity Wiki

Audacity is currently undergoing a massive code restructuring. As such, it is difficult to make any predictions and concrete plans beyond the near-term future.

That said, these are the main features we want to add to upcoming releases:


The scope of 3.3 is currently being determined.


Any further 3.x releases will be very light in terms of features, with the team focusing on code restructuring and replatforming instead. The number of 3.x releases depends on how much work this restructuring and replatforming takes. You can expect some (but not all) of the following features to make it into future versions:

Smart Clips 2.0

  • Multi-selection of clips
  • Grouping of clips
  • Overlapping clips
  • Additional clips improvements

Additional UI cleanup

  • removing special modes (select/draw/envelope/timeshift/zoom/multi-tool) in favor of a single contextual tool
  • Cleaning up the bottom bar
  • Simplifying some menu items
  • Reworking some dialogs

Multi-track recording

  • Recording from desktop audio and mic at the same time to make podcasting easier

Implement GSoC projects

  • A spectral brush tool (GSoC 2021)
  • A hub for huggingface AI effects (GSoC 2021)
  • Beats & measures and a linear decibel scale

various performance improvements

  • porting the track rendering to Direct2D/OpenGL
  • various other improvements


  • Replatform from wxWidgets to Qt done, giving Audacity (finally!) a new look and alleviating many UI/UX problems
  • Code restructuring mostly done


Starting with 4.0, we will try to implement some DAW functionality (eg proper MIDI support, Automation, VSTi) into Audacity while still remaining easy-to-use.