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Data Restoration, Startup Repair, and Secure Disposal

In today's read, it explains about the importance of data recover and erasing a hard drive using Dban. Learning about ssd's, they wont give a signal of soon-to-be failure like maybe a hdd, but they can give clues within the software while using them. A few signs of failure can show apps running slowly, saving, reading, or moving files result in failure and general performance will decrease over time, these are called "Bad Blocks". Running systems diagnostic check can give an overview on the health of the ssd as well. Although backups should be made regularly, it would be a good idea to backup system files if any signs start to show. In certain cases the ssd can be repaired. A few options to fix will be to power cycle the ssd, update the ssd firmware or drivers. From personal experience, i've lost important data from bad hdd's and ssd's. In result i had to purchase a 3TB Iso safe, so i have a good reliable drive so all of my data is backed.