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by SCN9A

In writing this posts, I was focused on highlighting the value of one of the functionalities and across the different subscription tiers.

User Widget Functionality

ASA Stats Token Utilisation Document, demonstrates the advanced features of subscription tiers. The following aims to highlights use-cases of ASA Stats User Widget functionality.

What is User Widget Functionality?

User widget functionality implies the utilisation and development of user widgets in ASA Stats portfolio tracker.

The functionality serves the various aspects of ASA valuation and presentation, management and tracking with emphasis on analytics, investments and trading functionalities.

How does User Widget Functionality work?

Across the advanced subscription tiers (Asastarter, Trader, Cluster), ASA Stats subscribers would gain an increasingly advanced control over the specifics of user-widget functionality, these are simplified in 3 main points:

1. Possibility to select user widgets from initial set

ASA Stats will develop and implement a selection of user widgets for subscribers to choose from.

2. Possibility to develop and publish ASA Stats user widgets

The Trader subscription tier is of paramount importance to developers and software companies, among others. Subscribers are able to develop their own user widgets, thus granting them access to the large user-base of ASA Stats portfolio tracker which can make use of such widgets.

3. Possibility to order the development of user widget

The feature is limited to the highest subscription tire, the Cluster. Upon a subscriber's request, ASA Stats is obligated to develop or sponsor the development of a user widget that brings functionality not available in the existing set of user widgets.

What is the scope of User Widget Functionality?

ASA Stats serves different groups, developers and software companies, individual and corporate Investors. Hence, User Widgets are multi-purpose functionality.

1. Developers and software companies

The ability to develop and publish ASA Stats user widgets creates a fertile ground for new business opportunities. ASA Stats calls on developer and software companies to explore potential mutual ventures.

  • ASA Stats feature driven development
  • Access to ASA Stats larger user-base

ASA Stats is committed to facilitate future developments. For example, subscribers would be able to access to ASA Stats API, get a dedicated domain and Kubernetes node cluster in the more advanced subscription tiers, more on these in future posts.

How does ASA Stats asses the security of user widgets developed by third parties? All the user widgets developed by the ASA Stats subscriber have to pass an audit by ASA Stats Team, while in some cases an external audit will be required too.

2. Individuals and corporate investors

The mission of ASA Stats is to become the primary source of price information for every ASA on the Algorand blockchain. We are committed to provide the best user experience, the development of user-widgets is central to fulfilling these goals.

For example, subscribers to the Trader tier have the possibility to select the trading user widgets and related capabilities. Every ASA amount in a subscriber's account can be added to the trading widget in full or partially. That implies a possibility to add an ASA amount to at least the following sections of the trading user widget identified by the following buttons:

  • Sell: for an ASA's balance amount.
  • Unstake and claim: for an ASA locked in a staking program.
  • Unstake, claim and sell
  • Remove liquidity and sell
  • Unstake, claim, remove liquidity and sell: for the LP tokens locked in a farming program.

ASA Stats community has been a driving force in the development of this project. We welcome feature requests in our Official Channel issues. List of users' requested features which depend on some other functionality yet to be developed and implemented in ASA Stats are available in Dependent Features