Changelog - asaflivne/gg Wiki

Version 2.3.150 changelog (June 23rd, 2022):

  • Improved privacy name support.

Version 2.3.149 changelog (June 8th, 2022):

  • Fixed: show correct user from history in widget.
  • Fixed: animation bug.
  • Fixed: popup for reporting a bug.

Version 2.3.146 changelog (June 7th, 2022):

  • A lot more backend improvements.

Version 2.3.135 changelog (May 11th, 2022):

  • Some backend improvements.

Version 2.3.134 changelog (May 5th, 2022):

  • Some backend improvements.

Version 2.3.132 changelog (April 25th, 2022):

  • New: We are now working with Ubisoft on automatically generated Tweet reports for suspected cheaters through the app's detailed match reports, under match history.

Version 2.3.119 changelog (March 14th, 2022):

  • Added Streamer Mode on the Settings page: Enabling that option will change all the names in the live roster to temporary names for that match.

Version 2.3.116 changelog (February 24th, 2022):

  • Improvements to privacy mode detection on the roster page.
  • While privacy mode is detected, the main menu will show your nickname as "You".

Version 2.3.111 changelog (February 20th, 2022):

  • New post-match notification that shows the score.
  • When interacting with the hotkey while a notification is showing, the notification will hide.
  • Added timer animation to all notifications.
  • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Version 2.3.85 changelog (January 12th, 2022):

  • Internal improvements.

Version 2.3.83 changelog (January 5th, 2022):

  • New: On "Live Match", you will now notice a new UI element that will indicate who the players are partied with on both sides.

Version 2.3.75 changelog (December 23rd, 2021):

  • Internal improvements.

Version 2.3.74 changelog (December 17th, 2021):

  • Matches will not be registered in the app anymore while the Overwolf API is not working.

Version 2.3.67 changelog (November 27th, 2021) [100% Phased]:

  • Fixed issues with some users getting the older rank icons, making the app to look broken with the new window layout.

Version 2.3.67 changelog (November 22nd, 2021) [60% Phased]:

  • Fixed broken Operators tab from v2.3.66.

Version 2.3.66 changelog (November 22nd, 2021) [15% Phased. Phasing stopped]:

  • Changed the way the app detects if the API isn't working. You will not see the "API is down message" anymore while the app is working fine.
  • Changed the size of the app window to be the same as other TRN apps. More compact, less empty space. Cleaner.

Version 2.3.52 changelog (October 17th, 2021):

  • New match history design! With rounds summary feature that includes round outcome, sides, and which operator you played with. Enter the detailed match report for kills/deaths outcome per round.

Version 2.3.36 changelog (August 17th, 2021):

  • On profiles, "MMR Earn Rate" was replaced with Seasonal K/D.
  • "Recent Ranked Matches" widget was added to the compact window size as well.
  • Fixed the issue with the "Premium Member" font.

Version 2.3.33 changelog (August 8th, 2021):

  • Fixed the "flickering" animation bug that was appearing numerous times during each match in the "Live Match" tab.

Version 2.3.20 changelog (July 25th, 2021):

  • Live Match: Added "Current MMR" and "Max MMR" together under Season stats.
  • Live Match: Added "Max Rank" to Lifetime stats
  • Live Match: Overall improved UI, hover effect was added too.

Version 2.3.11 changelog (July 18th, 2021):

  • When API is down, the match loading notification will be disabled.
  • On all profiles, Season MMR will show "Max MMR" by default instead of "Latest MMR".
  • When a match is ready, if you have a second monitor, the stats window will open on the second monitor.
  • Bugfix: Second monitor window opened below other windows.

Version 2.3.5 changelog (July 12th, 2021):

  • Styling improvements across the board for fonts, strength, and sizes to make sure it's all tight.
  • Improved design to the loading notification: colors, styling, etc.

Version 2.3.4 changelog (July 1st, 2021):

  • Changed Global Operators data in the notification to Seasonal Global Operators data.
  • Some text styling improvements.

Version 2.3.3 changelog (June 28th, 2021):

  • Typo fix.

Version 2.3.1 changelog (March 12th, 2021):

  • Backend improvement.

Version 2.3.0 changelog (March 10th, 2021):

  • Match History > Roster: Added breakdown of the round outcome, played operator, and kills/deaths per round.
  • Match History > Roster: Added Map name

Version 2.2.27 changelog (February 5th, 2021):

  • Added a quick hotkey reminder notification when you go back to the main menu after a match ended.

Version 2.2.25 changelog (January 25th, 2021):

  • MMR Selector is now available in "Live Match".
  • Small backend change.

Version 2.2.23 changelog (January 22nd, 2021):

  • "Best MMR" titles in filters are now "Max MMR".
  • Several backend improvements.

Version 2.2.22 changelog (January 12th, 2021):

  • Profiles: Under the "Season History" box you can now switch between "Latest MMR" and "Best MMR" views.

Version 2.2.21 changelog (January 4th, 2021):

  • Profiles: "Season" box will show you the "Current Ranked MMR".
  • Profiles: "Lifetime" box will show you the "Best Ranked MMR"
  • Profiles: "Season History" box will show both "Ranked" and "Casual" Latest achieved MMR.

Version 2.2.18 changelog (December 24th, 2020):

  • A bug fix related to the app's status.

Version 2.2.17 changelog (December 23rd, 2020):

  • Added a new tab: "App Info"
  • Removed the dropdown from the Settings icon. Clicking on it once will now move you directly to the Settings page.
  • The "Contact Us" button was removed from the header and moved to the "App Info" page.
  • Based on feedback the design of the user badge was changed.

Version 2.2.16 changelog (December 19th, 2020):

  • Added a small note for the new R6 Tracker App user badge to make sure it's not confusing.

Version 2.2.14 changelog (December 18th, 2020):

  • Added R6 Tracker badge for users of the app if you meet them during a match in the "Live Match" and "Match History" tabs
  • You can now also open profiles by clicking on nicknames in the "Live Match" and "Match History" tabs

Version 2.2.12 changelog (December 11th, 2020):

  • Fixed a bug that caused some issues with tracking your stats in the match history of the app.

Version 2.2.9 changelog (November 11th, 2020):

  • We had a bug with the app's status indicator, it's now fixed.

Version 2.2.8 changelog (October 5th, 2020):

  • We removed the feedback survey. Thank you all so much for participating, this is really appreciated! We are now evaluation all the feedback in order to make relevant changes and improvements.

Version 2.2.7 changelog (September 16th, 2020):

  • Share your feedback with us! We'd love to get your help by answering a quick survey. We added the link to the top header.
  • backend improvements.

Version 2.2.5 changelog (August 13th, 2020):

  • We added an in-app message when Overwolf or Ubisoft APIs are down. Some issues are not related to the App, and this is when sometimes the app doesn't work. We are sorry about that. Will help not getting bad reviews while other teams are working on fixing their issues :)

Version 2.2.4 changelog (August 8th, 2020):

  • We added an "App Tour" for new users.
  • Some backend improvements.

Version 2.1.13 changelog (July 31st, 2020):

  • Improvement for detecting new users in case the API fails to.

Version 2.1.12 changelog (July 31st, 2020):

  • Improvement for detecting existing users in case the API fails to.

Version 2.1.11 changelog (July 21st, 2020):

  • Operators tab: You can now switch between "Lifetime" and "Seasonal" stats.
  • few bug fixes and UX improvements.

Version 2.1.8 changelog (July 12th, 2020):

  • Bug fix for "Best MMR" not showing at all in your profile under "Season 18" (Home tab).

Version 2.1.7 changelog (July 9th, 2020):

  • Added "Contact Us": Join our forums, let us know what you think about the app, share your ideas, and more!

Version 2.1.5 changelog (July 2nd, 2020):

  • New: "Performance" tab! Performance overtime for specific stats.

Version 2.1.2 changelog (June 26th, 2020):

  • An improvement to the hotkey change system.

Version 2.1.0 changelog (June 16th, 2020):

  • Season 18 compatible!
  • Moved to Global Rank based on the new Season.
  • Removed Region Selection during a live match.
  • Removed Region Selection hotkey.

Version 2.0.32 changelog (May 26th, 2020):

  • If you are a TRN Premium Member, you will now automatically be premium in the app.

Version 2.0.27 changelog (May 14th, 2020):

  • Added an external link icon next to the player's name in their profile so you can open their full profile in TRN.
  • If a new version is available and you are running an older version, we will offer you to update.
  • Once you update to the newest version, we will offer you to look at the changelog, which will open the changelog popup.

Version 2.0.25 changelog (May 9th, 2020):

  • Added Settings page. You can now change the window size of the app, for example.
  • Added Changelog Popup, so you can see what we are adding, changing, or improving.
  • Added a K/D label to the "Recent Ranked Matches" area on the left area of the app.

Version 2.0.20 changelog (May 7th, 2020):

  • Another bug was cracked.

Version 2.0.19 changelog (May 6th, 2020):

  • Small bug fix.

Version 2.0.17 changelog (May 5th, 2020):

  • Added more analytics to help us detect potential issues, all should be good!

Version 2.0.16 changelog (May 3rd, 2020):

  • Removed the "Suspected Cheater" tag based on feedback.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0.15 changelog (May 2nd, 2020):

  • Added "Suspected Cheater" tag into "Live Match".

Version 2.0.13 changelog (April 28th, 2020):

  • Typo fix in the "Live Match" tab.
  • Raised the minimum Overwolf version needed to run the app.
  • Fix for 4K screens and other screen resolution issues.
  • Fix for Avg. Kill / Match data always showing 0.00 for the blue team.

Version 2.0.9 changelog (April 23rd, 2020):

  • A completely new experience, major changes all over.
  • The welcome screen will only show once. Once we detect your ID, you will receive access to the dashboard.
  • Your Name, Rank, and "Recent Ranked Matches" will display on the side of the app, going with you across all tabs.
  • Home screen: Your main profile. Will include Lifetime stats, Season stats, and Top Operators stats.
  • Match History: We will detect all the main playlist modes except for AI modes. We will keep track on all your latest 25 matches. You can also view the roster of each match and access the player profile of all players from it by clicking on the search icon next to the player name.
  • Operators: Stats of all the operators you played, showing you the following stats: Time played, Win%, Wins, K/D, and Kills.
  • Live Match: Completely new design to the well-known R6 Tracker page. Now with matchup summary breakdown for Avg. K/D, Avg. Win% and Avg. Kills/Match. With this update, you can also view the player profile of the players in the match inside the app by clicking on the search icon next to their name.
  • Search: Search for any player and see their profile inside the app.
  • Loading notification improved design as part of the new 2.0 experience.

Version 1.5.12 changelog (March 26th, 2020):

  • Added Region selection navigation with a new hotkey (Ctrl + V) or by clicking on the region button (Best Region, America, Europe, Asia).
  • Added top Attacker Operator and top Defender Operator to overview stats.
  • Added HS % to overview stats.
  • Several styling and design tweaks to lower resolutions users.

Version 1.5.2 changelog (February 23th, 2020):

  • A new loading state window. Shows operator data instead of the chance of your own team win the match when in non-ranked matches. The app will show a win chance of your own team in Ranked matches only.
  • Added an unsupported state for operations and Lonewolf modes.
  • optimized file size of images.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.4.3 changelog (December 10th, 2019):

  • Added Subscription to the app. You can now subscribe to remove ads in the app.

Version 1.3.14 changelog (December 5th, 2019):

  • Added some more analytics.

Version 1.3.13 changelog (November 23rd, 2019):

  • Added extra analytics tracking.
  • Bug fixes and flow changes.

Version 1.3.9 changelog (November 5th, 2019):

  • Bug fixes and windows behavior improvements.

Version 1.3.3 changelog (October 28th, 2019):

  • Added "Switch Monitor" feature! If you have two monitors, you can change the "live match" page to the second screen, so you can see it the entire match.

Version 1.2.6 changelog (August 10th, 2019):

  • Bug fixes for users with lower than 1080p resolution.