Troubleshooting Connection Issues - archimatetool/archi-modelrepository-plugin Wiki


Connecting to Git repositories is not always straightforward. There can be many factors involved - authentication, proxy settings, tokens, and so on. This page attempts to document some of the issues and offers some suggestions to solve them.

If you have solved any of these issues please add your comments to this page.

Note that some Git hosting sites, such as GitHub and BitBucket, require the use of a Personal Access Token for the password.

"git-upload-pack not permitted on..."

This error message can occur for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, this message is not very helpful and is a general purpose message from JGit the git library.

Some things to check:

  • Proxy configuration (if in use)
  • Git server using a self-signed certificate or one from a custom PKI (in such case the certificate must be manually added to the JVM's truststore)
  • Access rights in Git platform
  • Git platform access management based on user/password on the web frontend but requiring a token for repositories
  • Git platform access management based on SSO on the web frontend but requiring a user/password or a token for repositories
  • On some occasions, JGit (the Java based implementation of Git) can try to use your local and native git client, leading to some issues
  • Possible issues related to MTU when working through a VPN
  • Enable SSO on my token (with a company account)

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