Becoming a contributor - apache/juneau Wiki

We are actively looking for contributors to join and take an active role in the project!

To become a contributor, we recommend joining and contributing code changes through the mailing list. Once you're contributing and your work is good, one of our team may invite you to be a committer. After that, the team will call for a vote. When that happens, if you accept, the following process kicks into place:

  • Download and print the Apache Contributor License Agreement from the New committers guide.
  • Sign and fax (or email) the CLA to Apache.
  • Wait for your name to appear on the list of received CLAs. Once that's done, let us know and we can apply to Apache Infrastructure to have your account created. We'll need the following information: Full name, preferred email address, preferred unix account name.
  • Read the New committers guide.
  • More information for new committers can be found in the Committers information doc.

The Juneau project does not currently have distinct roles for Committers and PMC (Project Management Committee). All Committers are also voting members.