Infolog error: A critical error has occurred in function InventStdCostAdjust_StdCostConvert.adjustStdCostFinancial - alxdnx/EmpoweringTheEnterpriseWithMicrosoftSolutions GitHub Wiki


When trying to convert an item from a Weighted Average Date item model group to Standard Cost, via the Standard cost conversions process, the following error is shown: InventStdCostAdjust_StdCostConvert.adjustStdCostFinancial


Possible solution

The process seems to expect inventory value to be 0.00 before the conversion occurs, so the user will need to adjust the on hand physical inventory out of the system before the conversion and then adjust it back in after the conversion.

To clarify, the following article makes no mention of this, and the process only describes that the inventory needs to closed the day before the conversion date, so there may be instances were this process runs without the need to adjust the inventory out.