Workflow - ahanabhattchrya/eSlay Wiki

We will be using git flow as our main workflow pattern. You can also read more about Git Flow here. In short, we will be creating branches for reach feature and these will be the dev branches. They will be subsequently merged back into main once the feature is completed and reviewed. You can find a breakdown of the steps you should take to create a new feature branch below:

  1. Checkout the main branch: git checkout main
  2. Pull latest changes from the main branch: git pull
    • Now you have the latest changes that were pushed into the main branch
    • (!Important) Please make sure to git pull always to avoid running into merge conflicts
  3. Create your new branch for your feature: git checkout -b <BRANCH NAME HERE>
    • Your branch name should be related to the feature you are referencing. If the feature card says "Fix footer width" your branch name should be "fix-footer-width".
  4. Push your branch to github git push -u origin <BRANCH NAME HERE>
  5. Make changes and use git add ., git commit -m, and git push flow to push changes
    • Commit messages should always be reasonably descriptive.
    • Commit very often. Push often.
  6. When changes are complete, make a pull request.
  7. Delete your branch on github once the pull request has been approved.