Pull Request Format - ahanabhattchrya/eSlay Wiki

Pull requests aim to communicate your feature branch changes, and ask other teammates to review your code before it goes onto master.

  1. Ensure you have completed merging and pushing any possible conflict changes locally.
  2. Visit the Pull requests tab on github
  3. Press the green "New pull request" button
  4. Ensure that you are merging into the right branch. Normally this should look like main <- feature_branch
  5. Give a descriptive name to the PR
  6. Describe the changes made, and a brief test plan.
    • Test plans may look like "Log in as a Parent, visit the settings page, and toggle the edit button in the top right corner" for a feature that works on toggling the edit button.
  7. Place 1 or 2 reviewers on the branch. Ping on slack to ensure they can review.
  8. Once a PR has been reviewed, fix and changes and ask for a rereview. If the PR was approved, press the big green button to merge.